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About the Company

Before every company sooner or later there is a problem - the creation of a web site. Where is better to make web site, web studio, or a free web programmer (freelancer)?
Consider the advantages of a web studio:

  • The most important advantage is the web studio guarantees that you pay money and get a site that you want. Typically, this is guaranteed by the signing of a contract with a web studio or other conditions.
  • If Web Studio values its reputation, by the execution of all orders is responsible, which is not always possible to tell about the freelancer. There are web design studio who do not pay attention to this point, but such a long time the studio did not exist.
  • Usually, web design studio works several professionals who are well versed in their own sphere of activity. On your web site will run a few people (web designer, web programmer, optimizer, seo master ...) Therefore, the speed and quality of development increases.
  • Web design studio usually takes all the work on the registration web hosting, domain, and on other technical matters. While some web developers are also addressed these issues.
  • Web Studio is a much greater experience in the development and promotion of sites than a single web master.
  • This is the most basic benefits, but you have to pay for them. Disadvantages of Web Studio:The most basic flaw in web site design studio is the value of the site. Because the site is working on the creation of several professionals and they have to pay the price increases.However, our web studio has decided this question and now you can order a web site in the studio GEG style at prices even lower than that of a freelancer. At the same time get all the benefits of developing a web site in the studio.
  • Web design studio GEG style - provides for the creation and promotion of sites at prices much lower than other web studios do with the quality of service is not inferior and in most cases much higher. Do not believe me? Then compare!

In addition to budgetary organizations (such as schools, kindergartens, hospitals ...) all work performed to create a website entirely free of charge. You pay only the domain name registration and hosting (USD 50-60) This is a peculiar kind of charity, aiming at the development of the Internet in Armenia :)
    Why do we need it? We are a young web studio, and while we can not compete with larger studios, web design, they just crush us, if our prices are the same, but, nevertheless, the income we receive in the future.
     At the moment, the main task of our web design studio - to attract customers and gain positions in the market for creating and promoting websites. The client always comes back, if the level of service, quality, performance and price of his suit. This is the basic principle of the web design studio GEG style. In our studio website for you to pick your desired version of the site or service on the web site promotion. Our professionals develop and promote a site, taking into account all your wishes.
    We are confident that you will be satisfied with the quality service our web studio and get an affordable product. If you have any questions or would like to use our services, please contact the manager of our web design studio.

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